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Below listed, please find a sampling of reviews and comments regarding Susan Watson's most recent CD "The Music Never Ends."

“My new CD, The Music Never Ends, is a musical autobiography of a lifetime of romances — so like everybody’s —from youthful flirtations to affairs of the heart and beyond. The reviews from the CD’s songwriters make me think that I did justice to their miraculous lyrics and music. What a stellar group of men and women to work with!” — Susan


“Hearing Susan sing these songs warms my heart, and it’s great to hear her worldly and loving approach that makes the words immediate and the melodies soar!”
— Michael Feinstein

“Susan Watson is a great storyteller. Her songs are gorgeous, joyous and beautifully arranged for full orchestra by Michele Brourman and Stephan Oberhoff. “Let Yourself Go” has me dancing across the floor. “Old Love” is so charming and poignant, it’s about time the world has this permanent record of Susan’s gifts.”
— Amanda McBroom

“A nostalgic journey of romances remembered. Susan brings poignant vulnerability to these songs – a touching honesty perfectly complemented by glorious arrangements of Brourman & Oberhoff.”
— Gretchen Cryer

“Musical delights deliciously interpreted and supported by terrific arrangements. Susan sings lovingly and with a profound understanding of songwriters’ intentions.”
— David Shire and Richard Maltby

“A treasure trove of musical and lyrical gems performed with honesty and grace, richly orchestrated by Michele Brourman & Stephan Oberhoff.”
— Nancy Ford

“A sensitive, beautifully-crafted CD of songs filled with a lifetime’s experience of music and love.”
— Harvey Schmidt

“A beautiful CD with a twist of jazz for good measure.”
— Tom Jones


And these are samplings of reviews from new fans and pre-existing fans:

“An artistic gem of a CD.”
— Les Traub | Cabaret Scenes Magazine   •  To read the full review, CLICK HERE.

“Richly backed by the orchestrations and arrangements of Michele Brourman and Stephan Oberhoff, Susan Watson spreads a storyteller's charm through the 14 songs of this CD. Although impossible to choose favorites, 'Let Yourself Go' with clarinet soloing by John Tegmeyer brings a playful touch of jazz as does the ragtime take on 'It Had To Be You' with Robert Kyle on soprano sax. An album not to be missed.”
— Don Heckman | The International Review Of Music

“In every song, in every word, in every photo of this album, Susan Watson is in the room with you. Her choices are elegant, tasteful, and so full of love. Beautifully done.”
— Keith & Sandra Reynolds

“No wonder Susan Watson’s new CD comes in a jewel case — every song is a diamond!”
— Bill Joseph

“A fantastic CD! Susan Watson’s singing is exquisite, the arrangements a thing of beauty, and every number a joy. The CD’s liner notes and photographs are enchanting. Such a class act!”
— Will Mackenzie

“A lovely ensemble, evoking a life and the times in which we’ve lived, as well as the altogether human emotions that this kind of lyrical music, so much lost to us now, conveys. The arrangements are superb as is the CD’s booklet with its perfectly-captivating photos. We hope that ways are found to place this collection in many hands and that it gets the plaudits that it deserves.”
— James Banner

“Susan Watson’s voice is like fine wine. These songs are best listened to with closed eyes so that the personal memories can be savored but the tears held back.”
— Bob Norton

“A gentle, resonant, and evocative tale of love told through the lyrics and music of The Great American Songbook. The CD booklet is unique, personal, and peppered with joyful photographs of Ms. Watson. It is a great gift that she has given us.”
— John Schak


There are also reviews from fans who have recently purchased the CD at CD Baby or Amazon.
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